Cisco Umbrella is a cloud hosted security solution based on DNS and is the first line of defence against targeted threats, protecting the network infrastructure and users. Powered by the cloud, Umbrella provides a effective and robust security solution without the typical operational complexity and can integrate seamlessly into your existing security stack.

The Umbrella security engine intelligence ensures that disruptive threats are stopped before they reach the network or endpoints, extending that protection to roaming users and branch offices.

MirageTek is ready to provide product support and managed security services through our best in class support resources. We can provide invaluable technical guidance and help you to understand and demonstrate the value of Umbrella within the network environment, from technical on boarding to learning and training. We have a range of proactive support options available for both large and smaller enterprises. With our tailored support services, we can help you to reduce risk, improve your security posture and maximise the value of your security investment.

With Cisco Umbrella, we can help your business mitigate advanced threats, and provide an end-to-end holistic solution to secure your entire attack surface.

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