Enhancing the efficiency of data transfer across the WAN is an important part of network management. As the WAN develops, with advances in applications, cloud computing and other technologies, WAN optimisation has become even more essential and can bring significant improvements to business operations. Cisco offers the latest next-gen products, solutions and tools for complete WAN optimisation. Wide Area Application Services (WAAS), WAN and Application Optimisation and dedicated WAN optimisation appliances can improve network utilisation and increase application performance as more and more traffic is driven across the WAN. 

At MirageTek, we are well placed to support you in boosting your WAN performance through application acceleration and better use of WAN infrastructure and can help play an important role when it comes to new project implementation and new application roll outs. We can advise on the best WAN optimisation solution to alleviate the effects of latency that affect application performance. We provide solutions that scale to meet future network expansions, address the needs of remote and mobile users, integrate with data centre applications and services and consolidate remote site infrastructure. Talk to your MirageTek representative to find out more.

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