Webex is part of the Cisco collaboration portfolio and is the world’s leading web conferencing system. For enterprises that are looking to integrate multiple solutions and applications to provide employees with a single platform to learn, share, collaborate, and work in a video first environment, Cisco Webex is the smart choice. With a platform that serves as a digital workspace, Webex delivers an exceptional user experience and enhanced productivity.

Businesses recognise the added value that collaboration applications bring. At MirageTek, we have extensive experience in both collaboration and cloud technology solutions and offer exceptional pre and post sales support from Webex experts. We can offer implementation of the Webex platform, licensing, endpoints and support as a unified solution.

We understand that facilitating collaboration in today’s modern workplace is key. We’re the trusted experts when it comes to the latest in collaboration technology, solutions and services. We have ​a proven track record of deploying
Cisco Webex applications. ​This, ​combined with our range of services and support ​means we’re best placed to help you unlock the full potential of Webex.

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