About QNAP

Quality Network Appliance Provider (QNAP) delivers cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) solutions for both home users and business owners. Founded in 2004, QNAP is headquartered in Taiwan and has received some of the top industry awards for both hardware design and software engineering. QNAP also provides a comprehensive range of video surveillance and video recording solutions, including intelligent analytics, to the global market. QNAP has made great strides in evolving NAS from simple storage to 4th generation NAS that consolidates a wide range of features such as virtualisation, cloud integration and surveillance into one convenient device.

Our Partnership

MirageTek can offer various resources that can simply and effectively help you get the QNAP solutions you require. In partnership with QNAP, we can offer technical support for the life of the product. Being part of QNAP’s Q-Partner Program means that we have the right skills and capabilities to help select the best QNAP products for every type of organisation across every market segment. With QNAP you can trust the brand and with MirageTek you can trust the service. Together, we’ll deliver NAS and storage solutions that work for you.

Services & Solutions

The full range of NAS and storage products are available through MirageTek. We can offer a diverse range of practical solutions and dynamic products at affordable prices. Our services include:

– Enterprise, SMB and home NAS products
– Maintenance support
break-fix, upgrades, uplifts on manufacturer warranty, parts and labour, onsite technical services
– Warranty and RMA assistance
– Backup and recovery – QNAP NetBak Replicator
– Digital Workflow – QFiling
– Security and technical advisory services

Whether it’s a pre-sales question on product selection, a warranty query, technical advice on setting up remote replications or product support on how to use your NAS, Mirage Tek is your trusted source of high quality QNAP solutions.

Our Approach

At MirageTek, we like pushing the boundaries of customer expectations. We want to ensure that you get way more than just another storage solution. We understand that brand reputation, product availability and warranty commitment are all important factors when considering manufacturers as part of your storage strategy. NAS is an industry that is growing rapidly, and we know the need for a good support structure is paramount. You can rely on us to deliver for you.

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