About Terra

Terra is an established and well respected brand created by the German OEM Wortmann and is one of the largest independent computer manufacturers in Europe. Operating in multiple countries across the continent, the company has over 30 years experience as a manufacturer, distributor and more recently, a cloud service provider. Terra products include PC’s, tablets, LCD monitors, thin clients, servers, storage and firewalls. They also supply a wide range of peripherals, software and branded components as well as printers. The product range is used and trusted by customers in industrial, medical and military industries as well as government agencies and schools around the world.

Our Partnership

MirageTek has established a solid and trusted partnership with Terra and are a valued member of the Terra Service Partner Network. We are a Qualified Specialist Dealer meaning we are licensed to sell Terra’s innovative products across the entire brand. We share Terra’s high standards in both product delivery and service and as a trusted advisor, we help to bring Terra’s quality solutions to the marketplace.

Services and Solutions

As a valued Terra sales and service partner, MirageTek can offer the complete product range from sophisticated workstations to complex server solutions. We can offer top advice and know-how across the entire Terra suite as well as support and service options.

Terra systems are available as pre-defined standard products or via CTO or BTO in line with your specific requirements.

MirageTek are also delighted to offer online training courses via the Terra Training Campus. Professionally delivered content via a user friendly portal that will add value to your business and empower your staff. You can browse the full range of eLearning IT and business solutions available across a range of subjects via the MirageTek shop.

In addition to Education-as-a-Service, other services and solutions we can offer include:

– Pre-sales support across Terra products, service and cloud
– Supply and deployment of all hardware, software and services across the Terra range
– Consulting and Professional Services
– Planning and implementation of larger projects and complex technologies

All Terra products and solutions are produced to German design and manufacturing standards at prices that will surprise you.


Terra is synonymous with quality, reliability and value. At MirageTek, we try to align our approach with our partners values. These synergies enable us to deliver the best of the products and service offerings to our customers in a way that reflects the partner brand and is the best fit for your requirements and strategy. We pride ourselves on building mutually beneficial long term relationships through competence, diligence and professionalism. To find out how we can achieve more together, contact your MirageTek representative today.

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