MirageTek aims to bring additional value and competitive pricing to all customers through the effective use of vendor deal registration programmes. The commercial benefits of the bid process include upfront discounts, price protection schemes, additional rebates and tailored customer specific commercials.

We want to ensure that our customers have the appropriate support to negotiate the best deal. It’s an advantage to engage MirageTek early on in your project planning or procurement process as we can provide value-added pre-sales activity in registering bids and locking in vendor specific discounts. We can review and quality the deal registration scheme for the required vendor, help you understand the qualifying criteria and work with you to meet your budget and timescales, help the vendors to understand our customer’s needs and then deliver the commercial benefits of the product or solution. Once the special bid discount has been approved via the vendor bid process, this pricing will be exclusive to MirageTek and other partners will only receive standard discounts.

If you’re thinking about running a proof of concept or you have a specific project on the horizon then talk to MirageTek to see how we can help. Many vendor bids are stackable with other incentives so request bid management support from us today to ensure the special bid pricing is locked in and the best deal is secured.

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