Cisco’s Technology Migration Program (TMP) allows customers to trade in legacy equipment for credit that can be put towards eligible upgrades across a range of new Cisco products. The initiative includes most major Cisco products but also includes a range of products from selected competitors.

MirageTek works with customers and Cisco to maximise the discounts received through a trade-in and to ensure the best technology choice and deal for your organisation.

Quoting is easy, we can calculate credits based on the quantity and type of products being traded in and purchased. This is in addition to the competitive discounts already offered by MirageTek as a long standing Cisco partner. Disposal of traded in devices is also included as part of Cisco’s offer and we’ll help manage the returns process in collaboration with Cisco’s shipping vendors.

Businesses can suffer when the infrastructure doesn’t keep pace with growth. Through the Cisco Trade-In program, customers have an added incentive to refresh or migrate from legacy or non-Cisco equipment to a new environment powered by the latest Cisco routing, switching, wireless, collaboration and security products.

As a Cisco partner, MirageTek can help to significantly lower technology procurement costs and drive sustainability targets through product trade-in. Talk to us today to find out more.

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