Being located outside of the UK is no barrier to building a relationship with MirageTek. We understand that Differences between country regulations, trading laws, import/export regulations, and shipping requirements, plus vendors’ rules, support policies and protocols, can quickly overwhelm and add costly delays to global projects.

We have the capability to provision power and electrical services, deploy racks, servers, networking and security technology. You can also rest assured knowing all of our provisioning of infrastructure services include CAT 6 to fibre cabling. If you require Connectivity services, this is also something we can provide. We can ensure you are provided with high speed internet, WAN & all relevant telecommunication services and equipment. This extends to cellular connectivity and mobile devices.

When it comes to deployment, We are proud to deliver consistent levels of service around the globe, from audit and design stages, through to deployment and optimisation. Our technical and logistics expertise transforms a complex journey into a smooth operation. We work with you to consolidate your IT solutions and navigate the complex world of global IT supply chain.

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